Wednesday, February 4, 2015

KYLE MARTIN - "The Kyle Martin Band"

Kyle Martin, Born 6/25/1987 at Kaiser Permanente in Santa Rosa. Raised in Rincon Valley by musicians Nancy Pettitt-Martin and Craig Martin. Kyle, including by his parents, has been trained by a handful of musicians. To name a few, he took vocal instructions from Melissa Phillipe, Linda Webb Kakabba and Dan Earl. Kyle took guitar lessons starting at 10 until he was 16 years old from Hoytus Randal.
"Diamonds" recorded at Jackalope Records
Craig, Kyle's father,  was a founding member of a comedy/ top 40's rock and roll group in San Francisco called Butch Whacks and the Glass Packs that formed in 1970. Craig died in the spring of 2007 but the band has gone on to extend their playing streak to the "45th Annual Farewell Performance at Bimbos 365 club". It was at this last summers event that Kyle had the privilege of performing "It's Only Make Believe", a tune by Conway Twitty that his father used to bring down the house every year.

Nancy, a drummer, has performed countless times in various country and blues bands in the Mendocino and Sonoma counties. One notable blues band, 2120, was a constant practice in the garage and influenced  a certain developingteen to make some noise of his own with his friends. Lost Leader, a punk band that Kyle; founded, composed, arranged, sung and played guitar in, formed in 2000. Inspired by the 9/11 truth movement, kyle produced a politically charged album under the band name Lost Leader which due to personal differences eventually disbanded in 2005.

The Boogie Room and Gardens, was a house,10 acres and 6 barns that Kyle and a couple friends rented on Todd rd at (then recently deceased, local blues performer) Muddy Rivers old place between 2007 and 2010. Immediately after they signed the renters agreement they quickly turned it into a sacred non profit organization which believed in connecting community with music and agriculture. Unfortunately, the lease was terminated and they were forced to exodus from the land they loved.

Shortly after the demise of the Boogie Room he met his best friend and multi instrumentalist Kevin Cole who started out as the drummer now plays the bass. They released Kyle's First album under his name with the help of an engineer named Paul Lamb who performed bass on the album, along with many other synthesized sound. They are to release their next album in the spring of 2015 under the label of Jackelope studio produced by Doug Jayne and Paul Lamb.  Kyle currently performs bass, guitar, sings and arranges music in the following bands; Jen Tucker, Sally Haggard, The Crux Tent Revival and Kristen Pearce.

Kyle Martin Band, is an ongoing evolution of Kyle's self and his expression, through music. His interests in working together and performing with artists is reflected in the genuineness of his performances.

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