Monday, May 25, 2015


This is an important year for me... It's my 1st year of retirement, or so it seems. I've been asked repeatedly, How's it going... like I've just had some kind of life altering moment. After all I've been a musician, an Audio Engineer and a Production Manager for most of my adult life... so I'm used to making due with very little... to make less really isn't so far off. I've have also excepted the position of Vice Chairman on the Board of Directors for CMedia, a community access TV & radio lab and public access point for community media. I love to pay forward!

I recently wrote "My goal each day was to create something that wasn't there the day before."

I know that kind of sounds lofty or unobtainable goal, but that's a good focus to start out any day on and 8 times out of 10, I can do it. Case in point, my latest personal productions... My 1st "Dark Side of Oz" Live on-line class seminar where I will attempt to create the worlds largest synchronistic event by making available the "Wall Reveal Assignment.

 At the exact stroke of 8pm we will all start our videos simultaneously around the world (Pacific Standard) on Sunday evening @ 8pm during the month of June 2015 (world clock adjusted.) For more information go to:

In August this year I will conduct my 9th Annual "Dark Side of Oz" screening. In the past "The Mystic Theatre" in Petaluma has always hosted my events until last year where I took my class on their 1st mental field trip to "Zodiacs", also in Petaluma. This will also be the classes 1st road trip to the West County shire of Sebastopol and to "Aubergines," a quirky colorful local venue that will suit our class screening purposes quite well.

This year however is very important for a number of reasons. It will be the 1st time that the "Dark Side of Oz' will be presented in it's entirety, no intermission just 1hr and 40 minutes of synchronistic bliss and the surprise discovery that will be revealed about the center of The Dark Side of Oz's 2nd repeat.
Just to make sure that we're all on the same page in regards to the basic mechanics of the urban legend, it takes 2 and 1/2 repetitions of Pink Floyd's "The Dark Side of the Moon"
to equal the length of "The Wizard of Oz."

The DSOOZ History & backstory is right here!

What I am suggesting is that rather than repeating "DSOTM" the traditional 2 and 1/2 times like the original hand synced "Dark Side of the Rainbow" a new brick road has been discovered. The center point compositions that takes up where DSOTM leaves off.

But, I have decided to wait until after the August 12th screening and the grand reveal to
 write the next part of this chapter... I want that sense of surprise, even for my honor
students of years past... something that even they didn't see coming.


As an extra educational guide I have implanted in this years screening well over 100 sync cue texts that will be displayed at the bottom of the video through out the entire evenings show. These cues will relate to all of the well known and even the lesser known sync cues that have been discovered, not to mention all of the new cues found because of the 2nd repeat discovery.
What a lot of people don't realize is that I edit a new version of the urban legend every year,
 it's not just the same story being told over and over each year... typically I spend any where
 from 3 to 4 months in editing this one free show each year, it truly is a labor of love.

The evolution of an American film classic.

And so the legend grew and took new shapes
and forms, It evolved as an American film classic.
Not just a dry book on a library shelf, but a
living breathing urban legend with a
life of it's own.

Sure, my retirement is going great... I've pushed my self to write this Blog/Book after many years of carrying around this working title of "Another Day, Another Decibel" and threating on stages all over world to write down these stories and publish them. I feel like this years screening and this book is a life time culmination of all of my time spent and work that has distilled down to this one moment where I can properly demonstrate the grand urban legend for what it is and how it relates to all of our lives and how it has changed mine.

The Urban legend represents = possibilities, the possibilities that anything at anytime may
 find it's proper place in time and therefore become one with it self and the world around it.
I strive to seek out the synchronistic elements in music, film and life
to find the middle ground that connects all of the forms into one
continuous element of synchronicity and art. 

These stories consist of rough drafts that will be proof read and finalized
before being included in "Another Day Another Decibel"

Friday, May 22, 2015


In mid 2014 I decided that it was time for me to pull out of the Chief Engineer / Production Manager position at The Mystic Theatre, it also meant that my DSOOZ class would now have to find a new venue hold our yearly "Dark Side of Oz" live screening. I felt as if the screening of the urban legend was beginning to out grow it's initial birth place and like a young child needing to escape the confines of it's parents... it needed a new experience and a new way to grow!

A road trip was in order or in this case a class field trip!

As I searched for a new classroom venue I soon realized that just like in "The Wizard of Oz" I didn't have to look any further than my own backyard. A new venue had opened down the street from The Mystic Theatre named "Zodiac's" and fortunately for all of us it was very open to artsy exploration and big on the local vibe, making it the perfect place to take my class on a field trip.  

The date was secured and "as always" it was based on the actual release dates of "The Wizard of Oz," typically August 12th (Wisconsin) or the 15th (Hollywood) and 17th (New York City.) I chose these dates for two reason's, #1 it gave me an annual theme to work off of and #2, I could always claim that my screenings were tributes or at least a parody and avoid any legal ramifications that may arise due to copy right infringements. While I have you here, let's be perfectly clear:

Fair use:
 Is a limitation and exception to the exclusive right granted by copyright law to the author of a creative work. In United States copyright law, fair use is a doctrine that permits limited use of copyrighted material without acquiring permission from the rights holders. Examples of fair use include commentary, search engines, criticism, parody, news reporting, research, teaching, library archiving and scholarship. It provides for the legal, unlicensed citation or incorporation of copyrighted material in another author's work under a four-factor balancing test. The term "fair use" originated in the United States.[1] A similar principle, fair dealing, exists in some other common law jurisdictions. Civil law jurisdictions have other limitations and exceptions to copyright. Fair use is one of the traditional safety valves intended to balance the public's interest in open access with the property interests of copyright holders.

As with every year, I needed a theme to base the screening off of, a starting point on the Red Brick road to Oz. Because it's always best to start at the beginning I didn't have to look to far from there to find my theme... Zodiac's... a planetary, astrological point of view... always a good way to begin a journey. The opening scenes to my features are always some of the most fun to construct, in this case I found an HD version of an animation voyage from earth that propels you well beyond our solar system to a distant black hole. I took that HD video and reversed it, so it appeared that you were leaving a swirling black hole and traveling across the solar system to arrive at earth. A nice video image and it worked well but I wanted to get more personal with it... I wanted the video to end with the arrival at Zodiac's! I found that if I used Google Earth and plotted Zodiac's address I could zero in on that location and come from a planetary position to arrive at our class room for the night.

Needless to say it's a fun way to start off any journey and always a great way
to capture the audiences attention right from the start... where will he go next?
Jonesy & Kristin - Owners of Zodiacs

 After the previous years "Dark Side of Oz - Reclaimed" which included the trial and the demise of Oz Osborn,  I decided to return to the best twin sister that "Dark Side of The Moon" has, Easy Star All Star's "Dub Side of the Moon." For those who are unaware the Easy Star production crew was well aware of the synchronistic connection to "The Wizard of Oz" and the urban legend that surrounds it, so when they made their reggae version of this Pink Floyd classic they followed the synchronistic timings perfectly. This symbiotic relationship allowed me to bridge the 2 worlds together and create a new larger whole, which I entitled "Dark Side Dub the Moon."


This new version also brought one of the strongest syncs in the reggae swap context... "The Rasta Lion." During the "The Wizard of Oz" segment in front of the doorway to Oz, the lion takes on a very
Jamaican appearance as he apparently recites the lyrics to money and the trio follow along crowning him the Rasta Lion King!

The 3rd revolution leads us back to the beginning heart beat of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon"

In all honesty I go to great lengths not to edit the master video and with the one exception of that Oz Osborn's public display for attention, I have never changed anything within the video itself. I will admit however to making one very important edit at the end of the witches castle chase where everyone is cornered by the witch. I move the beginning of "Dark Side of the Moon" forwards about 5 seconds to create the moment that begins to send us home. Just as Dorothy throws the pail of water that hits the Wicked Witch and liquidates her, we hear the beginning guitar chord strikes... the same as Melvyn in the beginning... full circle.

last note... the witches castle is the dark side of the moon...

These stories consist of rough drafts that will be proof read and finalized
before being included in "Another Day Another Decibel"

Saturday, May 16, 2015


 Merk Coolie Brighton: Still reading through The Synching Troop posts (2004-2005)

(2004-2005) Incredibly interesting information, and also amazing interactions between various synchers. I think there were about 11 regular posters, enough to make a solid yet diverse group. Karl, I wonder why you weren't there (?). We had: Mike Casey, Dave Bytor (limited appearances), Whytless Physh, Key, Taylor Cole, Virotti (group leader), Essse (a good "synching" friend of mine), Matt Gitlin, Dean "The Grump", maybe a couple of others. This forum morphed into b_hivia in Fall 2005, which then lost some members and added a few more. The basic division was between those that enjoyed talking about synchs in daily life and the world around us and those that enjoyed talking about a/v synchs, especially the technical aspects and sharing/feedback. I see the Synching Troop as the last grand forum for a/v synch speak. "O" had already corrupted the Sync Ark forum as I understand. I suppose this group was made private to hide from him, in part.

I'm very interested to hear other people's experiences with boards beyond the Sync Ark forum (which continued until 06-07? not sure). The old Film/Album Synchroncity Board (2000-2002) was a spin off of the latter, but had a life of its own as well. That was, by far, the busiest and longest lasting of the bunch, I personally view it as a gap filler during the heart of the "golden age", when energy was highest. But this "Synching Troop" starting up about 2 years later, obviously represents a type of last ditch effort at coming together and promoting the creation and propagation of a/v synchs.

Facebook interactions are really different. I know I go on about the old times being better, but there are certainly advantages to the new times as well. A number of us here have our on pockets of well established synching fun. Like Randy aka The Professor and his Viral Media Art site and his Dark Side of Oz yearly permutations. Like Jon and his past as a video editor and his present as a hard line syncher of old school styling. Like Karl, also an old schooler but in a different way and understanding the history of a/v synching built around the Sync Ark perhaps better than any of us, except me maybe -- and Mike J. himself (Sync Ark creator and leader). We have others but they aren't as vocal now: Dave B., Shawn H., Key, Michael A. MA and Randy have synch theaters (!) There was an older dude who had set up the same in Vancouver -- Turn Me On Dead Man was a handle as I recall.

What would we like to see moving forward? I'm not just talking about promotion and propagation of our own works but moving forward in a collective way, with commonly set goals? I'd like to see these pockets become better coordinated.

Now this talk of so-called manipulated synchs not being cosmic/true synching threw me admittedly. This was better understood in the past for certain. What do you want me to say to better explain this? I'll be willing to speak at length about the subject. Or if you tell me to make it quick I'll attempt to do that as well.

Just throwing out more food for thought that you can chew on or not.
Is it good I can write so much again?
baker b.

Friday, May 8, 2015


From different points around the planet, from Argentina to Europe and back to the US,
we will all start the "The Dark Side of Oz - The Wall Reveal" dropbox link at the same
time and participate in what will be the worlds largest synchronistic experiment!

8:00pm Pacific Standard West Coast Cali USA

 A discovery has been made that changes everything
we've known about the 2nd repeat of "The Dark Side of Oz"!
Your class assignment is to download and join us as we watch
together this 11 minute segment from the Live screening that
will occur this August 12th @ Aubergines in Sebastopol


"THE DARK SIDE OF OZ - The Wall Reveal Assignment"

 Get Ready Guinness World Book!

On the day of the on-line seminar (Sunday 6/7/15) I will make the dropbox link available on the EVENT PAGE. Those of you who have joined our class experiment by selecting "GOING" on the EVENT PAGE will receive the dropbox link to view the on-line screening that evening. Just adjust your time zone to our Pacific Standard Time and we will all start/synchronize to our computers time of day! 8pm sharp Sunday June 7th. and we're off... all from the comfort of your own class room... invites some friends...  Sunday June 7th @ 8pm sync sharp!

 You will be allowed to download the DSOOZ link (on 6/7/15 only) and watch at anytime,

however what I envision is everyone watching the clock on their computer/device
and starting as soon the time turns 8pm Pacific Standard time... 

If you are watching the event from another time zone your participation
with the class LIVE will depend on having to adjust your timing to
that of our Pacific Standard / West Coast USA.
If that's not possible... please enjoy!

If you are planning on participating from another
time zone you may adjust your sync timing by using



A real-time synchronistic on-line public
event screening of "The DSOOZ Wall Reveal"

"The Dark Side of Oz" - Somewhere Over The Wall."
Sunday evening June 7th - 8pm sharp sync cue start!

Please join the DSOOZ Event Page and it's GROUP @

Saturday, May 2, 2015

THE MYSTIC THEATRE - I'll Bet You Did'nt Know

As the Chief Sound Engineer and Production Manager for the Mystic Theatre in Petaluma Ca. I had the opportunity imprint my personality on the venue in the 15 years that I worked there. It's not just about the quality of the sound of the shows there, but it's about the vibe of the room. It's the biggest reason some clubs make it and some don't. A lot of thought and preparation goes into building a concert facilities sound and lighting systems and even more goes into creating and maintaining the venues vibe through the years.

At some point in this article I'll actually get to the various components of the house and stage systems and how they came to be for all the tech geeks out there, but for the moment I want to concentrate on the intangible aspects of the grand old room and it's history since I became involved.


I inherited the room and the Chief Engineer job from Greg Rehberg who had spent a number of years installing the basics of an Apogee sound system with a small Mackie mixing board and trying to get a handle the room. I had been bringing in full concert sound systems for live shows through Phil Salisbury of Sound Expressions in Santa Rosa long before Greg's arrival. I knew what the room was capable of and I also had some system changes in mind that I new would bring it up to the standard that I wanted to maintain local, national and international artists.

We were all sitting around a big table upstairs in McNear's Restaurant and I was in the middle of meeting with Ken, Jeff and a few other Managers at the time in regards to my input and position. I remember listening carefully to everyone to better understand their plan and passion for the room and after everyone had their chance to clarify their business position I took my opportunity to do the same... "You know, there's really only 1 person that I am interested in pleasing when it comes to staging and producing shows"... I said with a very straight sure of myself face. Everyone at the table thought that it was going to be them, the owners, the managers... "The only personal that I'm really interested in pleasing is the bands Tour Engineer."

My theory was pretty straight forward and an equation that was hard to argue with. As a band Tour Engineer for many years already, I understood the value of the House Engineer position. In my opinion the House Sound Engineer should be a friendly and competent Engineer with at least 1 gray hair capable of tearing apart and rebuilding the house and monitor system at any given point of his day or night. He or she is the 1st one to greet you and typically the last one to wave goodbye. The House Engineer should make all of the incoming Tour Engineers comfortable interfacing their acts with the house system and have a good time doing it. In turn, The Tour Engineers will see that their event is going to be not only technically fine but they are going to have some fun as well. A happy Tour Engineer on stage and in the house means a happy band on stage, the happier the band the better the performance, the better performance the more people return to share in that good time!

P.S. To keep your House Engineer happy give him the best tools affordable
 and give them dinner and a drink for gods sake!

The room says welcome.

It was very late after a show one evening, somewhere around the time that I began working full time at The Mystic. I was walking around the theater in the dark turning off the systems and the last of the lights when I noticed that the projection room's door was unlocked and slightly open. I need to say that in all of my time at The Mystic I have never felt any presence of being or spirit in the theater and I have had those kind of experiences before. One of the long time staff member, Ryan recalls his sightings of a rather old Italian Man in a suit sitting in the seats well after the doors were locked and we were closed, but I've never personally met a spirit there.

This is however the closest that I have come to shaking hands with the rooms spirit. 

As I pushed open the door into the darkness, I placed my left hand on the wall looking for the light switch. A really cool chill came over me as I rested my left hand on the wall and turned on the lights with my right hand. My left hand felt like it sunk into the wall and once I turned on the light I saw that my hand was sitting in an imprint of someone else's hand print! I was startled at first, but when I realized what had actually happened, I began to feel that it was more of a welcoming handshake... the magic had been passed on!

The story of Skinny & Slim

Shortly after my arrival at the Mystic Theatre I stumbled across my house muse or guardians. 

The 1st on the seen was Skinny, a wood skeleton stick figure that I propped up on a guitar stand (above on the left.) One of his hands is appropriately at his ear listening and the other on his crotch... we're not to sure why! One of Skinny's first appearances on stage was standing next to Dr. John's (Mack -----) piano during a show. Mack was so impressed by Skinny that he signed him on that hand that covers the crotch and sealed his fate as our stage mascot. Skinny lived at the top of the stage stairs and never moved unless a performer moved him themselves. It was his presence and invitation to participate that was the key to unlocking some truly great shows in that room.

Skinny has stood on stage in place of missing band members... He's filled in for sax front-man Martine Fiero from the band Zero after he passed away just before an upcoming show and he has stood next to countless drummers and keyboard players. The image of Skinny standing by Johnny Winter side while he was seated playing a show was fearless! It seemed after every show I would find him on one side of the stage or the other and frequently on top of some gear behind stage if he was hiding! Once after a show, one of our security guys even found him in the men's room upstairs, he had been mugged and left for toothpicks. I patched him back up and reinstated him in his honorary position side stage, but clearly Skinny was in need of some help and not just from me but someone from his own tribe.

Unlike Skinny it took Slim years to find his way to the stage... his resurrection happened like this.

After a show one night we thought that we would all go over to McNears and have a last call drink, we had worked hard and just wanted to unwind. As we were all sitting there in a booth enjoying our drinks and talking my eyes wander up the wall and there hanging on a hook 10' above us I spotted him, he had both of his wood hands help up to his ears... it was Skinny's long lost brother. Maybe it was the drinks or the time of day but the only thought that came to mind was lets get him down from there! We looked at each other and quickly realized that if we were to succeed and not piss off the boss, we needed to send a member of the O'Donnell clan up there to rescue Skinny's brother. Travis O'Donnell, one of my best young Monitor Engineers and the nephew of owner Ken O'Donnell quickly volunteered and In a blink of an eye leapt up on the back of the booth where we were seated and released our new friend from his bondage. Within 10 minutes Slim had a new home on a guitar stand of his own and in the only one logical room position left for him to take. We placed Skinny house right and Slim on house left on each of the speaker stacks boldly looking down over the audience from above the stage.

Skinny & Slims costumes changed as the years and shows went by, they became a place to put lost articles of jewelry and accessories. All of the jam bands loved the Skeleton vibe reminiscent of the Grateful Dead era and I would  occasionally point our front PAR can lights onto the boys with a dark blue gel just to be able to pull their presence up in the room or sometimes green for our reggae shows. On one of our Halloween shows I modified Skinny & Slim's persona by drilling holes
where their eyes were and installing 2 pin spot lasers that I could turn on during the show, unfortunately they weren't very cost effective to use on a regular basis.

The boys are no longer at their post at The Mystic and may have even retired much like myself, but they were a very special presence for me and a lot of people who have attended the shows over the years... two friendly benevolent spirits that always had the best interest of me and the theater at heart.

The Petaluma Gazette article: ----

The Carolina Chocolate Drops
Dick Dale
Petty Theft