Friday, April 12, 2019


Bollywood Nights

Today, in order to prepare myself and my fellow travelers for this new 2019 production that I am calling "Bollywood Nights," I have decided to lay out my complete vision for the upcoming Saturday August 24th live performance date. My hope is that this chapter will inspire & inform not only my fellow dancers/actors in this production, but by revealing my creative point of view, it may bring you closer into the center of your own personal creative process as well. "Bollywood Nights" may be a new production to you perhaps, but it has been in development for well over a decade.

On that note my friends allow me to introduce you to our "Bollywood Nights!" A full stage, full screen dance extravaganza scheduled this Summer at The Redwood Cafe in Cotati! Sat. 8/24/19

Technically this 2 part, 2 hour live stage presentation will include the use of my big 10x10' movie projection screen as well as full 1080HD projected presentations of my Bollywood syncs shown on stage with live dancers/actors flanking each side of the screen. Our actors/dancers on stage loosely represent the main characters of the story line of our performance... the classic Hindu story of "Ramayana of Valmiki." Rama & Sita, as well as the animation & story line of "Sita Sings the Blues" act as a song narrative through out our show. Where I believe the concept gets the most interesting is that all of the mash ups that I'm using represent western culture pop, rock & hip hop dance music anthems and the lyrics, which can be very different than the intended Indian story lines and can be hilarious and sometimes mind altering.

Every good story has it's characters, hosted by your Professor, It is my pleasure to announce my 2 lead actor/dancers playing the parts of Sita and Rama in "Bollywood Nights"... will be Kimberley Charp (Kimberley Charp) (Sita) and Patrick Malone (Patrick PJ Malone) (Rama). Kimberley, is well trained in the art belly dancing and burlesque, while Patrick rules the stage when fronting numerous rock bands in the Bay area. Together they will make a dynamic team and as we'll all find out... sparks will fly!

As I have explained my concept to them and now to all of you, The purpose of the actors/dancers on stage is two fold, it's not necessarily to dance like a Bollywood dancer, it's more about interpreting the western culture song lyrics with movement, while engaged with each other and the interacting with the audience. For the actor/dancers, there are no vocal speaking parts in the entire show... their dialog comes primarily from knowing the lyrics to western culture dance classics and interpreting those lyrics in hand & body movement. Since all of the dialog on my music mash-up already look like a bad dubbed B movies, anything even close to the original lyrics looks correct :-)

As I tend to do in my productions, I wrap my entire life and art into one big public demonstration.
Love, laughter & hope... all of the ingredients for any person to fall in love with their Muse are here for you to discover! The good news for me this year is that for the 1st time I will be able to multi-cam video record this event,  making it even more of a public spectacle for all to enjoy... for the dancers who dance on their feet, and those of us who dance like crazy in our heads!

There are obviously a lot of aspects that I don't want to reveal here, because it will be all about the moment for those of you who are supposed to be there. This presentation will be a high energy dance show with limited seating, no advance pre-sale tickets all in a intimate limited capacity room.

$10 door - Dancer's Come in costume and you're in FREE!
Saturday August 24th - The Redwood Cafe in Cotati Ca. USA.

After a 12 year urban legend run, There is no "Dark Side of Oz" this year class...
it's a class field trip and we are all going to Bollywood!

8:00 - PM door w/ DJ Ron
8:30 - BN Part #1
9:30 - 9:45 w/ DJ Ron
9:45 - BN Part #2
10:45 - Encore?
11pm - end.

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