Wednesday, January 21, 2015

THE INN OF THE BEGINNING - DAVE HENSLEY - Yah Inn of the Beginning!!!!

Dave Hensley: Reflections on The Inn of the Beginning - Cotati Ca.
Oohh man - who did not get a heavy sexy vibration once inside the place,sumpthing had gone on there along w all the Family and great musicians of the 60-70's-80s (listed below). or maybe you just felt so in the pocketgroovesexy, It had something to do with me performing there ???? I have a Theory about rooms now. As musicians, artists creators, we all feel vibes. Now think about when you get good, bad or mixed feelings about a thing ----- lets say, 'Venues. 'Venues resonate a humm or multi dimensional vibration, or something along those lines, im telling you that, myself 'YES--_(((((((((((o))))))))))_ i TUNE INTO THE VIBRATIONS at a gig for sure, then the real magic the REAL connection is WITH the dancers or slammers or watchers, as your playing reflects, and bounces through all the rising vibe and you feel RAD.

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