Monday, May 25, 2015


This is an important year for me... It's my 1st year of retirement, or so it seems. I've been asked repeatedly, How's it going... like I've just had some kind of life altering moment. After all I've been a musician, an Audio Engineer and a Production Manager for most of my adult life... so I'm used to making due with very little... to make less really isn't so far off. I've have also excepted the position of Vice Chairman on the Board of Directors for CMedia, a community access TV & radio lab and public access point for community media. I love to pay forward!

I recently wrote "My goal each day was to create something that wasn't there the day before."

I know that kind of sounds lofty or unobtainable goal, but that's a good focus to start out any day on and 8 times out of 10, I can do it. Case in point, my latest personal productions... My 1st "Dark Side of Oz" Live on-line class seminar where I will attempt to create the worlds largest synchronistic event by making available the "Wall Reveal Assignment.

 At the exact stroke of 8pm we will all start our videos simultaneously around the world (Pacific Standard) on Sunday evening @ 8pm during the month of June 2015 (world clock adjusted.) For more information go to:

In August this year I will conduct my 9th Annual "Dark Side of Oz" screening. In the past "The Mystic Theatre" in Petaluma has always hosted my events until last year where I took my class on their 1st mental field trip to "Zodiacs", also in Petaluma. This will also be the classes 1st road trip to the West County shire of Sebastopol and to "Aubergines," a quirky colorful local venue that will suit our class screening purposes quite well.

This year however is very important for a number of reasons. It will be the 1st time that the "Dark Side of Oz' will be presented in it's entirety, no intermission just 1hr and 40 minutes of synchronistic bliss and the surprise discovery that will be revealed about the center of The Dark Side of Oz's 2nd repeat.
Just to make sure that we're all on the same page in regards to the basic mechanics of the urban legend, it takes 2 and 1/2 repetitions of Pink Floyd's "The Dark Side of the Moon"
to equal the length of "The Wizard of Oz."

The DSOOZ History & backstory is right here!

What I am suggesting is that rather than repeating "DSOTM" the traditional 2 and 1/2 times like the original hand synced "Dark Side of the Rainbow" a new brick road has been discovered. The center point compositions that takes up where DSOTM leaves off.

But, I have decided to wait until after the August 12th screening and the grand reveal to
 write the next part of this chapter... I want that sense of surprise, even for my honor
students of years past... something that even they didn't see coming.


As an extra educational guide I have implanted in this years screening well over 100 sync cue texts that will be displayed at the bottom of the video through out the entire evenings show. These cues will relate to all of the well known and even the lesser known sync cues that have been discovered, not to mention all of the new cues found because of the 2nd repeat discovery.
What a lot of people don't realize is that I edit a new version of the urban legend every year,
 it's not just the same story being told over and over each year... typically I spend any where
 from 3 to 4 months in editing this one free show each year, it truly is a labor of love.

The evolution of an American film classic.

And so the legend grew and took new shapes
and forms, It evolved as an American film classic.
Not just a dry book on a library shelf, but a
living breathing urban legend with a
life of it's own.

Sure, my retirement is going great... I've pushed my self to write this Blog/Book after many years of carrying around this working title of "Another Day, Another Decibel" and threating on stages all over world to write down these stories and publish them. I feel like this years screening and this book is a life time culmination of all of my time spent and work that has distilled down to this one moment where I can properly demonstrate the grand urban legend for what it is and how it relates to all of our lives and how it has changed mine.

The Urban legend represents = possibilities, the possibilities that anything at anytime may
 find it's proper place in time and therefore become one with it self and the world around it.
I strive to seek out the synchronistic elements in music, film and life
to find the middle ground that connects all of the forms into one
continuous element of synchronicity and art. 

These stories consist of rough drafts that will be proof read and finalized
before being included in "Another Day Another Decibel"

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