Thursday, April 30, 2015


There is one possible reason this synching hobby will never appeal to the main stream society. 

People perceive this as the hobby of psychedelic druggists and lunatics. That's why the “Synchronicity Arkive Primer” listed one of the early experimenters of music with movie montage as William S. Burroughs. The movie “Naked Lunch” is based on part of the book Mr. Burroughs wrote about what he actually thought happened to him while he was under the influence of drugs. Doctors routinely read another book in which Mr. Burroughs details the subjective effects of every drug he takes. Back in the 1960’s, drugs were counter culture hip. Drugs were believed to be an aid to mental exploration and enlightenment. Your voluntary thoughts would give way to the hidden subjective power of your inner mind.

In hindsight, we saw a number of music and movie stars die of drug abuse and addiction (and many other people too). Now we are informed of drug addiction and the toll it takes on the human body. I have never tried any illegal drugs. As a youth, I saw drugs rip apart the fabric of society. This polarized me strongly against illegal drugs. I have had drug addicts witness to me that they wanted to quit but it was very hard. They told me that using marijuana opened up the door to hard core drugs for them.  They said that it may only take one use to get your mind dependant on a drug. I expect to live a long time because I take care of myself. Take care of yourself too.

 I have had people on the street curse at me when I told them about this hobby of synchronicity. Most other people say, “I have heard of the ‘Dark Side of Oz’, so what?” My wife recently gave me the “wake up and see reality” speech about synching. She told me that none of the stuff I try matches. I told her that I still enjoy doing it. I reminded her that instead of synching, I could go out to drink and get in bar fights. Some people watch the television to relax. I just play music I like, while watching muted movies. Playing a movie muted is the hard part for some people to accept.

When I was a kid, I first saw Disney’s “Fantasia” at a Birthday Party outing. I found it amazing that the animation was cut to pre-existing music.  I wanted to animate to music too and would often dream of various action with music.  In elementary school, one of my teachers had a music interpretation activity.  We would listen to music and lyrics to think about what the message was. We would draw pictures of what the music meant to us. We were surprised how nobody had the same interpretation.

One subject that frequently surfaces for synchronicity is brain wiring.  I have read that when the brain is tired, the dominant side loses control. The dominant side tries to regain control by noticing coincidences to get the dominant side stimulated and used again.

I do most of my synching late at night. There has also been frequent discussion on synesthesia and whether it aids in synchronicity art. Synesthesia is the mental crossing of the boundaries for senses. For example; a certain music note makes you see a certain color, or a certain texture makes you taste a certain flavor. When I first hear new types of music, I see colors and lines. It is as if my mind is desperately trying to make sense of the new stimuli. Once I become familiar with the music, I no longer have this sensation. So I do not consider myself to have true synesthesia. Others in synching report that they have synesthesia but not that it aids them in synching. I wonder if somebody with synesthesia is predisposed to matching different aspects of sensory media. This sensory crossing may be an evolutionary adaptation in abstract reasoning. Now a part of the body (region of the brain in this case) is used for an entirely different purpose than it was originally for. Like jaw bones in fish for chewing food evolving into ear bones for hearing for land animals.

We have brains to remember what happened in the past.  This gives us the power to predict the future. With every cause, there is an effect. Our brains are wired to notice patterns. This gives us an advantage over utilizing our environment. Lois Pasteur proposed, “In the field of observation, chance favors only the prepared mind.”

 I believe that the Gestalt Principles apply to synchronicity of music and movies. You draw on personal experiences, expectations, and cultural cues to gather the information in your mind. Our brains want a straight forward cause and effect. Because of subjectivity and cultural relativism, it is possible that few others will enjoy or “get” your synch.  Also, your brain searches for coincidence and harmony. When two independent actions happen in harmony, it strongly catches our attention. Lastly, your senses can never take in all the myriad of information presented.  So, your mind has learned to connect the dots and add a few dots to make the mental imagery of your synch “complete”. I believe this personal journey in synching is why music movie madness will never appeal to the general public.

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  1. There is so much that I can relate to with this post. One, being a loner in the field of synching life with our world and/or take notes to synched movie music films.
    Two being the reasoning you've provided for us about synching appealing to the general public.

    Something interesting that comes to mind about this 2nd reason is that maybe there's a purpose behind it not going public. Maybe only certain people are supposed to see the synchs sort of like a shaman informing the tribe about certain insights and wisdom. I know it may not seem like wisdom now, but maybe if we keep following the synchs each of us find we may see how important they really were all this time.

    I really appreciated your view about it being an evolutionary adaptation for abstract reasoning. This really is an amazing perspective. Could the way we reason and explore ideas have evolved to become literal sensory explorations we can not only participate in, but also utilize to enhance our natural abilities that we were born with.

    But why? From a spiritual point I feel it has something to do with the real world. All the synching we experience whether it be films with music or just plain ol synchronicity of events during our daily travels are connecting to an endless, constant, expanding, creating, source of life force that permeates through every point in time and space while connecting dimensions.

    Last thing I'd like to bring up is the constant need for people to vocalize not only their disapproval, but also their need to convince us that we are the crazy one's trying to put something together that doesn't naturally connect.
    Why do so many people respond with this same almost programmed like disposition? It almost seems subconsciously programmed to behave in this manner with this specific topic.

    What I mean by this last statement is that maybe we aren't crazy, maybe we are finding the pieces that have always fit together, but no one else had the desire or time to bother with this venture. Obviously people like yourself and everyone who loves this genre of synch do and have a strong enjoyment to watch and discover where the pieces are while putting them back into place.

    I apologize for the length of this comment. You struck a chord in me.

    God Bless