Sunday, April 26, 2015


As the story goes from the previous year in... 2012

The Professor was last seen on the out skirts of Bwangtown in search of rare reclusive syncs!
As it turns out, Oz Osborn who was disguised in the audience the night that we all heard The Professor say himself that this may be his last "Dark Side of Oz," began his plan for Dark Side domination that very moment and carried on his mission of Occupy Oz in the
"2012 DSoOZ - Oz Fest" while The Professor was well out of the country.

Once again, that was not The Professor... 
he was not me... and I am not him! 

When The Professor returned from his synchronistic travels he immediately noticed that there was something wrong, something had changed. Someone had trifled with his belongings and although he had just about considered to take his own DSoOZ words of departure as fact he found, just like in years past... a new focus, a focus of reclamation and retribution. He would find this man, lure him out in public and bring him to justice in front of the same audience that he had hi-jacked the very year before. Occupy Oz... preposterous!


Indeed the Professor could of walked away from this urban legend a number of times in his past, but to have it ridiculed, made a mockery of was more than he could bare. 

A well laid trap was devised for our Mr. Oz Osborn and his enormous ego, it was easily his weakest point of attack and It was also a given that Oz would be in the audience that night much in the same way a criminal returns to the scene of the crime. It wasn't until the 30 minute "Introduction to Oz" segment at the beginning of the show that Oz choose to make his presence known by jamming my theater broadcast and replacing it with his own image and some rambling incoherent demands and threats to get his point across. This is exactly what I wanted however, I knew that the Oz ego was far to large to just sit back in a chair and take it, evidential he'd have to come forward and when he did, The Professor would be ready!

 Things must be settled and made right. It was decided that there would be a trial, a trial of grand proportions, if fact there was only really one trial that would do, and that would be the last segment from Pink Floyd's "The Wall" appropriately entitled "The Trial." I projected the animation  on to the theater screen while below I lip-synced the dialog and we supplied the action on stage.

The verdict was reached and the perpetrator revealed... Paul Riley once again, this explains his boisterous stick pony ride through the 2011 "Dub Side of the Moonshine" and his renown  theatrical sense for costumes and characters! What you don't see in the photo evidence here is the great escape by Oz/Paul after the verdict was delivered... while leading Oz/Paul off of  the stage in a disgrace of conviction, he bolted from my control and fled back across the stage where I had no choice but to try to chase and recapture him.
The video that I had playing during this crazy final scene of the opening act of this 2013 "Introduction To Oz' was the "Punk Rock Snack Bar", This was an wild animation piece that we used to create a pit on stage. After a frantic 3 minute conclusion, Oz/Paul and myself were dizzy enough that he evidentially allowed me to grab on to him and hold him down. However (as planned) he in turn grabbed me in a wrestlers "Spin Lock," wielded me around in circles until he dropped me
on the floor where we both collapsed in the results that you now see before you.

I have now reclaimed the event and it is well under control as we head further down that Red Brick Road of discovery. As I proved the following year, sometimes the class just needs a good field trip!

These stories consist of rough drafts that will be proof read and finalized
before being included in "Another Day Another Decibel"

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