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As the story goes... Set the "Dark Side of The Moon" CD to loop and wait. Start the DVD of "The Wizard of Oz - On the 3rd Lion roar of the MGM opening title start the CD!
Turn volume up on CD player...
and volume off on DVD player!

001 - The 1st indicator that the sync is correct is when the transition from"Speak to Me" to "Breathe"  syncs with the fade in of Producer Mervin LeRoy.

002 - "leave, but don't leave me alone"... Auntie Em appears to say "leave" to Dorothy, and she does.

003 - "look Around"... Dorothy looks around.

004 - "smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry"... 2 farm hands are laughing and the other might cry .

005 - "all you touch"... Dorothy touches the farmhands arm as he hols the bucket.

006 - "when at last the work is done"... 1 farm hard strikes his finger with the hammer. He's done.

007 - "dig that hole"... the farm hand points to the ground.

008 - "don't stand up"... Dorothy climbs on the fence.

009 - "balanced on the biggest wave"... Dorothy balances on the fence.

010 - Song Shift from "Breathe" to "On The Run" signals a scene change as well as a song change.

011 - Auntie Em shows up just as women chats away in the background of DSoTM track.

012 - The sound FX rumbling at the end of "On The Run" and the sound of distant thunder and birds in TWoOZ blends perfectly with the clouds and shafts of light.

013 - The Chimes in "Time" strike just as Elvira Gultch rides up on her bicycle and dismounts. Possible bicycle reference to Syd Barret's "Bike."

014 - Uncle Henry's paint brush seems to be ringing like a bell.

015 - SCENE CHANGE - The 1st bass chord hits as Elvira enters the house.

016 - "Time"... Continues... The score fits beautifully with the mood and tempo of the scene.

017 - Elvira points her finger on the bass chord.

018 - "kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town"... Toto escapes and heads home.

019 - "waiting for someone or something to show you the way"... Dorothy greets Toto, then leaves.

020 - "you are young and life is long"... a possible reference to Dorothy's young age.

021 - "ten years have got behind you"... You see Dorothy's back.

022 - "no one told you where to run"... Dorothy is shown running away from home.

023 - SCENE CHANGE - Guitar solo in "Time" begins on scene change.

024 - During the guitar solo of "Time" the words "Past, Present and Future" are seen on Professor Marvels advertising sign.

025 - "To come up behind you again"... Professor Marvel comes up behind Dorothy.

026 - "but you are older"... possibly referring to the Professor's age.

027 - "half a page of scribbled lines"... Possibly a photo with text that he takes from Dorothy's basket.

028 - "hanging on in quiet desperation"... Dorothy appears to be hanging on every word.

029 - SCENE CHANGE - Dorothy leaves just as "The Great Gig in the Sky" begins and runs through the entire twister scene. The "Twister Scene"one of the strongest scenes in the urban legend. David Gilmour's guitar, sounds almost like a warning siren.

030 - "I'm not frightened of dying" is heard in the background as the twister approaches.

031 - The drums kick in just as a tree gets uprooted and the scene is off...

032 - Clare Torry's wailing, keeps keeps with the mood and intensity of the twister scene and seems to display the emotions of Dorothy perfectly. Other sync cues worth mentioning are Dorothy stomping on the storm shelter doors to get in, the door flying off it's hinges,  pieces of furniture and appliances flying by the window and finally the strike on her head and the "Dream Sequence."

033 - SCENE CHANGE - The cash register sound in "Money"is heard as Dorothy opens the door to Oz, beginning the "Color = Money" metaphor. Clearly Oz is a very affluent place.

034 - "get back"... The Munchkins get back into the bush's.

035 - "don't give me any of that... do goody good bullshit" Glinda the good witch floats down in her big pink bubble.

036 - During the guitar solo of "Money" the Munchkins gather and move to the music. When one of the main Munchkins leaps forward, the music intensity grows and so does the dancing! Watch for the Munchkin who pops up from the man hole!

037 - "share it.. fair it"... One Munchkin shares a bouquet of flowers with Dorothy.

038 - During the beginning of "Us and Them" the organ plays music similar to what might be heard at a funeral as the Munchkin Coroner unrolls the death certificate.

039 - At the very beginning of "Us and Them," various voices can be heard talking to each other, at times it seems like it's the Munchkin conversation.

040 - The Lullaby League Ballerina's enter to vocal line of " us..."

041 - The Lollipop Guild boys, enter and then jerk and kick to the beat!

042 - "forward he cried"... The Munchkin officials thrusts out their hands and all seem to shout "forward" to Dorothy.

043 - "and the front rank died"... the Munchkin Soldiers rotate in marching rank and then stop.

044 - "moved from side to side"... The Munchkins seem to move from left to right and side to side.

045 - "black and blue"... On "black" the witch appears wearing black and as blue echos, we see Dorothy wearing blue.

046 - "and who knows which is which"... or witch is witch?

047 - "up"... The Witches broom sticks points up

048 - "down, down, down"... The Witches broom stick points down

049 -  "and in the end it's only round and round"... As Glinda points to Dorothy's red slippers they appear to repeat a scene and go round and round.

051 - "have you heard it's a battle of words"... Glinda appears to whisper into Dorothy's ear and then returns to the battle of words with the Wicked Witch.

052 - "listen son, said the man with the gun"... The Wicked Witches hand is in the shape of a gun.

053 - "and out"... Glinda departs in her pink bubble...

054 - On "with"... Dorothy begins walking with Toto in her arms. On "without"... she puts him down.

055 - "out of the way, it's a busy day and I've got things on my mind"... It is a busy day indeed as Dorothy gathers with the Munchkins and dances out of town.

056 - SCENE CHANGE: "Us and Them" into "Any colour You Like"


057 - "the lunatic is on the grass"... Well, the scarecrow is made of grass and he's certainly acting like he's smoked it!

058 - "you raised the blade" A toucan in the tree raises his blade like beak.

059 - "thunder in your ear"... the apple trees are certainly yelling at Dorothy.

060 - "all that you touch" once again Dorothy touches a mans arm.

061 - "all that you see"... Dorothy and the Scarecrow both see the oil can.

062 - Dorothy listens for a heart beat from the Tin Mans chest as the end of DSoTM ends and then begins it's 2nd repetition.

063 - In the beginning of the 2nd repetition of DSoTM, the heart beat is heard as the Tin Man sings "If I only had a heart."

064 -

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