Friday, July 22, 2016

SAN FRANSICO MAGAZINE - August 2016 Interview

Published August of 2016 in the San Francisco Magazine


Listen to Randy Teaford for any length of time and you might easily be convinced that it's not just the drugs talking, Teaford - or, as he is known on stage as "The Professor"- is a master of audio visual synchronicity, and his masterpiece is a yearly staging of the dorm room legend "The Dark Side of Oz," this year at The Redwood Cafe in Cotati Ca. Surely you've heard of, or maybe even tried, syncing the audio of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of The Moon" with the 1939 classic "The Wizard of Oz." But trust us - you haven't seen it done like this!

Teaford has presented his Oz remix for 12 years running, with incremental tweaks and improvements each year. The result is, well, trippy man. For instance, the lyric "balanced on the biggest wave" in "Breath" (in the air) lines up with Dorothy balancing atop a Kansas fence. Latter, the ethereal wailing in "The Great Gig in the Sky" is a perfect backdrop for Dorothy being caught in the twister. And the line "home, home again" (from "Time") plays when Professor Marvel tells Dorothy to - you guessed it - head home.

Teaford's biggest modification to the urban legend is the inclusion of all of the dialog and sound effects from "The Wizard of Oz" mixed into Pink Floyd's score. Another variation is to interject the 2nd half of "The Wall" midway through the film. (In sync, it takes 2 1/2 repetitions of DSOTM to equal the length of TWOOz.)

"It's like a cosmic wink," he says. There's no way this was ever preconceived; it just happened.
The amazing thing is that someone found it. It is The Mother of all Syncs!


The 13th Chapter "The Dark Side of Oz"

  Class of 2020

The Redwood Cafe, Cotati CA. - 8pm Door - 9pm educational screening.
It's always FREE for those who are supposed to be there!



  1. This urban legend as we call it has finally began an itch I need to scratch.As a teen in the 1980's, I listened and heard Pink Floyd's THE WALL to the point of subliminal memory implant,it molded my generations thought about many issues that upcomming kids dwell on, Freedom of choice,religion,politics,school and treatment of education,and much more.I'm at the point of looking into the eye of the twister to see If we can break down the bricks of the wall,follow the yellow Brick road while consuming PF's music and dualality between what we thought WE knew as truth or fantasy.Syncing the movie plots and scenes will hopefully become clear to me after all these years.lsd

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